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Earn Extra Cash with NMF Affiliate Program

NMF affiliate marketing program

With our ticket sales commission program, you have the opportunity to earn a commission of 10-20% on every ticket sold through your unique referral link. This means that for every ticket purchased by someone who used your link, you’ll receive a percentage of the sale as commission.

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Share your referral link on your social media, website, blogs, instagram, to friend, family

Earn up to 10% in affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Affiliate Program work?

You can sell tickets to your audience through your referral link and earn money on successful purchases of tickets. You can track your earningsĀ  on your Affiliate Dashboard

How do I earn in this program?

You earn from qualifying purchases of tickets through the traffic you drive to NMF Tix. You will receive commission based on sales made using your referral link.

How do I qualify for this program?

Everyone is qualified to join this program.
If you’re an influencer with an established social media following, contact us to earn higher percentage of commissions.

How do I sign up to the program?

Sign up to the program here.
We will review your application and approve it.

Where do I get my referral link?

You can go to your Afflilate Dashboard > Link Generator

How do I get paid?

NMF will pay the commission at the end of each month to your paypal or bank account.

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